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We are the only organization advancing a national strategy to cultivate broad public support for the outdoors from America’s largest and most iconic brands across all sectors of the United States economy.

Our Mission

At Invest Outside, our mission is to strengthen the country’s relationship with the outdoors by helping Americans become active participants in it. We work with America’s leading companies to champion the emotional and physical benefits of the outdoors and to get their employees, customers, and followers to spend more time outside. 

Our Approach

We are partnering with iconic brands and companies to build strong public support for the outdoors and to get their employees and families outside. Employers recognize the benefits of the outdoors for both their employees and corporate culture. 


We are also mobilizing beyond corporations to engage leaders, nonprofits, employees, and influencers to help get Americans to spend more time outdoors. The goal is to inspire millions of Americans to improve their health and well-being by spending more time in the outdoors.

Join Us

Americans are spending less and less time outside. We now spend 95% of our lives indoors and three times as many hours with televisions and computers than we do outside each week. Yet, research shows there are clear health and wellness benefits to spending more time outdoors, both physical and mental. Its time for us all to commit to our health and happiness and get outside. 


On June 21, 2019 -the first day of summer- Outside I Can launched as a new movement to connect Americans to the health and wellness benefits of the outdoors. This storytelling campaign highlights individuals and groups that have used the outdoors to improve their lives. Through digital strategies, we will reach and inspire millions of Americans to appreciate the outdoors and get outside. Visit to join us, take the pledge, and learn more. 

Our Advisory Council

We’ve gained support from key leaders in the beauty, health, corporate sustainability, and outdoor sectors who recognize the health benefits of the outdoors for their employees and overall office culture. Invest Outside's Advisory Council provides critical guidance in the development of all campaign strategy.

The Council is comprised of the following members: 


  • Brian Kramer, Director, Global Sustainability, PepsiCo

  • Danielle Azoulay, Head of CSR & Sustainability, L’Oréal USA

  • Kate Brandt, Lead for Sustainability, Google

  • Rohan Patel, Director, Policy and Business Development, Tesla

  • Tyler Norris, CEO, Well Being Trust

  • Amy Roberts, Executive Director, Outdoor Industry Association

  • Stacy Bare, Founder, Adventure Not War

  • Dr. Pooja Tandon, Pediatrician and Researcher, Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children’s Research Institute

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